Corporate Recovery & Turnaround

We have developed a wide range of services to help businesses in difficulty. Our direct industry experience and proactive approach will assist you in reducing your cost base, increase your revenue channels and maximise cashflow, before it is too late.

Each Assignment will take the following course of action:

  1. Identify the issues
  2. Assess business viability
  3. Formulate a Turnaround Plan
  4. Monitor performance v plan on an ongoing basis

What is the Benefit of Our Services

If business turnaround is not feasible, cease trading may be the only alternative. Otherwise the shareholders will continue to invest more of their monies into a business that really has no chance of survival. If there is a viable business, a corrective action plan must be adhered to. Repeating the business practices of old will not lead to business success. We will monitor progress against the plan on a regular basis and review ongoing viability in light of actual events.

By seeking the right specialist advise in good time increases the chances of survival. With a turnaround process in place, the directors can also avoid the very serious consequences of personal liability and director disqualification.

To Achieve Turnaround Management must adhere to all of the following :

Why Choose W&A Professional Services?

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