W&A Professional Services offers bespoke financial, commercial and operational solutions to businesses, individually tailored to the clients needs. Whether you have a new business idea or are an established operation, we can support your business growth and development needs.

Outsourced Finance Solutions

The finance function has been forced to adapt, moving away from the "bean counting" of old towards a strategic business partner. It must provide real market, customer and product performance analysis to your business, identify areas for improvement and contribute to determining appropriate resulting action plans.

Accounting and Book-Keeping Services

We can prepare your annual financial statements to comply with the relevant legislation. However, we would strongly recommend review of financials more than once a year. Do you want to wait 12 months to know how your business is doing? (see above)

Tax Compliance

We provide compliance and consultancy services to corporate and personal clients. Our objective is to guide clients through the tax system while protecting their wealth.

Starting your own Business

Congratulations on making the big decision and starting your own business. However, the hard work starts here..... We can help you through the whole process, from the initial pipe-dream phase through to the growth phase of your business. Our partnering approach has already been succesful with many of our clients who are still in start-up phase but have the financial structure and processes of a mature business.

Corporate Recovery & Turnaround

We have developed a wide range of services to help businesses in difficulty. Our direct industry experience and proactive approach will assist you in reducing your cost base, increase your revenue channels and maximise cashflow, before it is too late.

Insolvency & Liquidations

If your business is insolvent, it is imperative you seek professional advice immediately so that you, the directors, are not exposed in any way. Our initial, no strings attached consultation is free and confidential. Let us make this difficult and stressful time less daunting by guiding you through the whole process.